LabVision® Process Flow Charts

The RI-CAD software module for LabVision® is to a great extent identically with the stand-alone version, RI-CAD (see RI-CAD).

The RI-CAD software module which is linked with the Designer was especially developed for the drawing of RI flow charts and contains a library in accordance with EN ISO 10628. It is used for the drawing of static background images of display and control graphics. In addition, dynamic image elements (changing images) can be created for the Designer.

However, it can also be reasonably used at the planning stage for a standardised drawing of the system.

Attached to the library elements is additional information which can be extended as desired to include such as supplier or maintenance information.

Productcode Description
SL-RIEDIT RI-CAD for LabVision®
SL-RIEDITL RI-CAD light for LabVision®, limited to a worksheet with 120 graphic objects