Torque Measurement Stirrers

The measuring stirrer is a strong stirring an torque measuring system with speed regulation and state-of-the-art torque measurement sensitivity.The separate controller has a keypad and an LC display, which shows the torque and rotational speed.


  • Powerful and compact
  • High measuring accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Robust measuring principle
  • Recording of rotational speed and torque
  • Large, continuous rotational speed range
  • Specifiable re-start response after power failure
  • Automatic correction of the zero torque
  • Adjustable soft start ramp
  • Rotational speed and torque limiting adjustable
  • Quick-release chuck
  • Silent, smooth running

Areas of application

  • System stirrer for automatic laboratory process plant
  • Detection of reaction phases
  • Recording of stirrer dissipation in the reaction calorimeter
  • Measurement of rheological material properties
  • Scale-up tests
  • Process monitoring

The measurement sensitivity is impressive.

Viscosity variations in the order of the viscosity of water are still resolved.