Customized Laboratory Plants

Our customized laboratory plants are manufactured systems tailored to your needs. The plant is customized according to your laboratory fume hood or your available work space. Due to our LabManager®-System compact plants are feasible.

A wide range of plant types of different standards can thus be implemented. We plan and develop the right system for you, from the micro-reaction apparatus to tube reactors or classic batch systems made of glass or stainless steel up to pilot plants for diverse applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technical and foodstuffs technology. We gladly develop prototype plants for completely novel processes as well. And if your old plant needs its "life cycle" refreshed: We have experience in retrofitting in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology.

The examples below offer an insight into the possibilities of our plant engineering.

Laboratory Reactor Systems

For chemistry, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and foodstuffs technology

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Reaction Calorimeter

Thermal balance and heat flow reaction calorimeter with the leading KalDas evaluation software.

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Parallel Reactor Systems

Manufactured according to customer specifications, extremely versatile and expandable

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Multifunctional Plants

Customised for laboratory, miniplant and pilot plant. Optimally adapted to your needs.

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