Dosing Pumps, Dispenser and Pumps

Pumps play an important part in laboratories and pilot plants.

Their variety is almost endless, as they have to perform such diverse tasks as feeding, circulating, filling, recycling, sampling or dosing to an exact volume, working with material flows through a broad range and across a wide viscosity range,  additionally with solid matter or emulsions. Their areas of use also include the dosing of gases and the evacuating of systems.

Areas of Use

  • Dosing, filling and dispensing of materials
  • Transport of materials, intermediate and end products
  • Generation of pressure, e. g. in pressure reactors for filtering
  • Vacuum generation
  • Circulation of heating and cooling media
  • Hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2 with pressure-tight encapsulated


  • All pumps can be directly controlled from HiTec automation systems
  • Feedback of the operating parameters for monitoring purposes if required
  • Cable and plug available for direct connection to your Lab-xxx or MSR-xxx AS or PC
  • Hydraulic arrangement and adaptation to the media in your plant, available auxiliary energy supply etc. from our Engineering department
  • Special adjustment to your control tasks through a variable piston displacement, frequency converters etc.
  • If desired, incorporation into your application programs by our application programmers
  • If desired, drafting, setting up and parameterisation of your control loops by our Engineering department
  • Advice on and adjustment to your automation devices from a single supplier

You can also be sure of receiving from us both highly competent advice and individual designs especially arranged to suit your application. Our expertise extends throughout both our own product range and that of well-known providers, giving us the ability to help you with your very special tasks.

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