RI-CAD CAD Program for RI Flow Diagrams
For DIN/EN ISO 10628 compliant RI Flow Diagrams

RI-CAD is the stand-alone version of the LabVision® RI-CAD software module for Windows® and Mac OS X® systems. The program enables the creation of P&I diagrams and other forms of drawing without a long time for familiarisation. For this reason it is particularly popular for use in training.

RI-CAD was especially developed for the drawing of P&I diagrams and contains a library in accordance with EN ISO 10628. The P&I diagrams can be used for the planning and documentation of a system.

Attached to the library elements is additional information which can be extended as desired to include such as supplier or maintenance information. The library can be expanded as desired using your own graphic objects.

2D drawings may be exchanged via the optional DXF import/export filter with other CAD systems such as AutoCad®. Thanks to its easy handling RI-CAD is also very popular outside the automation technology area.

RI-CAD works based on vector elements. These elements can, in contrast with pixel-oriented drawings, be modified at any time without influencing other elements or suffering a loss in quality. It is, for example, easily possible to increase or reduce the size of a single element without having to completely redraw the whole drawing.

The proven program which is popular with our customers as a result of the extent of its functions and its ease of learning was completely newly created for the version 2 in a modern development environment. Old P&I diagrams (data format PLS) can be opened, edited and saved using the new version.

New Functions

  • Simple operation (thematic toolbars)
  • Auxiliary lines
  • Legend to current DIN standard
  • Each page may contain several layers
  • Creating, deleting and editing of layers
  • Attributes such as visibility, printability and editability
  • Protection against editing, exporting, printing and viewing
  • Saving the document’s metadata
  • Parameterised export (quality levels, resolution etc.)
  • Several standard working user interfaces and a freely configurable working user interface
  • Use of headers and footers and frames
  • Automatic updates
  • User characteristics

Free-of-charge Version for Educational Purposes

Universities and other training or further education institutes can request a free-of-charge version of RI-CAD including libraries via our website!

Product code Description
SA-RI-CAD RI-CAD stand-alone software for the creation of P&I diagrams
SA-RI-CAD-DXF RI-CAD DXF import and export filter
Laboratory Component Library

The laboratory component library for RI-CAD contains displays of the components of a laboratory process plant which are more detailed and more realistic than the objects in the EN ISO 10628 library.

More about the Laboratory Component Library

  • RI-CAD™ for educationSimple cad program for drawing of control flow diagrams according to the EN ISO 10628 standard.590 KB