LabVision® Data Export

The data export server supports the manual and automatic exporting of value and report files in the file formats:

  • Microsoft® SYLK (.slk)
  • Text format (.csv)
  • Microsoft® Excel® direct export (.xls)
  • HTML format (.htm)

Several export jobs can be defined and manually or automatically executed at given times.

In addition, the possibility exists to manage the export using a HiText program in order, for instance, to export the data automatically at the end of a test.

A data export can also be started directly from the analogue plotter. The data to be exported may be individually selected. The number of digits before and after the decimal point can be set in advance. 

Numeric data exported are subject to a data reduction on export. The reduction is optionally conducted by forming the

  • Average value
  • Maximum value
  • Minimum value
  • Without an average value

The reduction interval may be freely defined. One data point can be entered several times in order, for instance, to export average, minimum and maximum values at the same time. 

The time can be issued optionally either absolutely or relative to a freely selectable start time. An export which can be started manually is already contained in the basic version.

The process report may also be exported at the same time for some file formats.