LabVision® Multi-LabCam System

Certain process conditions and events can be best documented photographically. Examples are the recording of turbidity, colour change, precipitation, etc. Modern server system architecture permits the integration of several different image sources, such as LabCams, video streams etc. 

The Multi-LabCam system offers the possibility to document visual procedures automatically, either event-controlled or at programmed intervals and by manual triggering as a digital picture or a video. The digital pictures are inserted, reduced in size, into the process report. A photo may be displayed in full size or a recorded video played in the integrated media player by clicking with the mouse.

The current live pictures may be integrated into worksheets. The Multi-LabCam system supports the use of the full resolution of HD cameras.

Individual cameras purely with a photo function and without a video recording function, as well as without programmable image trigger and without the possibility for the selection of higher resolutions such as 640 x 480 pixels can also be connected directly to the LabVision® computer without an auxiliary module.

Advantages of the Multi-LabCam System

  • Documentation of visual conditions and events
  • Monitoring of the system from the office workplace
  • Visual remote monitoring

Please note

From version 2.12 onwards the Multi-LabCam system also supports the use of IP cameras with an integrated webstream capability (MJpeg streams).

Alternatively, simple USB cameras can also provide live pictures from any desired computer in the network with the aid of additionally supplied software. These pictures are then available for both LabVision® and all connected WebVision clients in the same quality.

We recommend the use of driverless USB webcams (with UVC - Universal Video Class) for the Multi-LabCam system.
Product code Description
SL-LABCAM Multi-LabCam System for LabVision®, event-controlled photo and video documentation
CP-DIGICAMUSB Digital camera, Still image resolution: 1,920 x 1,080, Video resolution: 1,280 x 720, USB connection
CP-DIGICAMIP Digital IP-camera, RJ45 Ethernet connection