The MiniStirrer may be used for the stirring of feeds, for example in conjunction with our GraviDos® dosing system.

Type mini stirrer GR11 GR22
Maximum torque* (Ncm) 11 22
Speed range 0…1.000 rpm
Rot. speed uncertainty 0.01 %
Chuck - 10 mm
Degree of protection for control device IP20
Degree of protection for drive IP54
Weight approx. (kg) 0.4 0.65
Diameter of motor (mm) 70
Length over A. approx. (mm) Depending on the stirrer shaft
Shaft Solid shaft
Assembly With GL45 union nut
Interface Switch input 24 V active and passive, as an option RS-422, RS-232 with converter, analogue 0…10 V
Scope of delivery MiniStirrer with control device and 2.3 m connecting cable
Product Code Description
IR-MINISTIRRGR11-l MiniStirrer stirring unit for GraviDos® with control device, maximum 11 Ncm
IR-MINISTIRRGR22-l MiniStirrer-stirring unit for GraviDos® with control device, maximum 22 Ncm
IR-MINISTIRR-SER Option of serial interface for MiniStirrer, RS422 interface
IR-SKRS-232422 RS-232/RS-422 interface converter for MiniStirrer
IR-MINISTIRR-AU Option of voltage interface 0…10 V for the control of the rotational speed
ZK-R-HI08-OA-UP-I-02 MiniStirrer connection cable for connection to an analogue output of a LabManager®/-Classic
IR-MINISTIRR-ORB Option of oscillating reverse operating mode for MiniStirrer