LabKit-rcb Thermal Balance Reaction Calorimeter

LabKit-rcb is a reaction calorimeter with sophisticated equipment for heat flow and thermal balance calorimetry. The automatic laboratory process plant is suitable, among other things, for syntheses in the temperature range from -40 to +200 °C. The system is expandable with the additional modules and components which are offered.

System construction

A triple-walled 2-litre reaction vessel with an evacuated outer jacket is used as a standard vessel for thermal balance calorimetry. Other vessels are possible.

The reaction vessel is temperature-controlled using a powerful heating/cooling thermostat, enabling fast temperature control for an isothermic mode of operation It is expandable using the following options:

  • Vacuum
  • Distilling
  • Reflux
  • Inerting

When distilling with reflux separators, the reflux separation ratio may be adjusted via an electrically controllable reflux separator.

Measurement method

The thermal balance method is based on a balancing of the heat transfer medium at the inlet and outlet of the vessel jacket. The temperatures and the flow of the heat transfer medium are measured.

The heat transition coefficient (kwU) is not required for the calculation. This is particularly important in the case of reactions where a coating develops on the walls, as for example, during polymerisations and dispersions.

Frame Square anodised aluminium profile, electrical lowering equipment for the reactor vessel, stainless steel drip tank
Reactor 2-litre double-jacket glass vessel with a vacuum jacket, temperature control jacket , PTFE bottom drain valve, cover with centre neck and 6 connecting pieces, relief valve 200 mbar, air escape valve
Stirrer ViscoPakt®-rheo-57 precision stirrer drive with speed control and torque measurement, anchor stirrer
Heating-/cooling system Heating/cooling thermostat, -40…+200 °C, air/compressor cooling, heating power 1.5 kW, cooling power up to 0.48 kW (200 °C)
Dosing station One GraviDos® dose loop for liquids (controlled dropping funnel), 500 ml receiver tank, gravimetrically controlled
Automation LabManager® 3 interfaces 8 Pt100 precision temperature measurement inputs, 8 analogue inputs (current and voltage), 4 RS232 interfaces, 4 GraviDos® connections, 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, controllable calibration heating device 50 W glass lance (optionally stainless steel)

HiTec Zang OS, TFT monitor, uninterrupted power supply with UPS management software
Sensors Calibrated temperature sensor for: reactor, thermostat, influx, reflux, head temperature and the environment, flow meter within the heat transfer medium, pressure sensor: 0…1.600 mbar absolute, stirrer: speed, torque
Materials Mainly borosilicate glass, PTFE, PVDF, Viton, stainless steel material 1.4571 (changes are possible)
Analysis KalDas calorimetry analysis software
Product code Description
VL-LABKITRCB1 LabKit-rcb, reaction calorimeter for thermal balance calorimetry
VL-LABKITRCMDM Mass flow meter for the heat transfer medium
VL-LABKITRCONLB HiText program for simple online thermal balance analysis
SA-KALDAS3 KalDas, analysis program for heat flow and thermal balance calorimetry on LabKit-rcb
SL-LABVIPCALO LabVision® software package for VL-LABKITRCF1 und VL-LABKITRCB1