LabKit-alr Standard-ALR-System
LabKit™-alr1 (1 litre) & LabKit™-alr2 (2 litres)

Automated laboratory process plants (ALR) are essential in modern product and process development and optimisation. They quickly pay off thanks to the more intensive use of the laboratory resources and the release of laboratory personnel from routine activities. They are a sure way of achieving the best possible level of reproducibility and of increasing security and quality.

Conventional automatic laboratory process plants are limited to simple synthesis, provide too little possibilities for expansion and are thus no longer able to meet current demands.

The fully automatic laboratory process plants of HiTec Zang are available as single and parallel reactor systems. In addition to the standard LabKit configurations, you can have systems manufactured from our LabKit program especially to suit your demands.


LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Distillation - Yes
Inerting - Yes
Gravimetric dose loops 1 2
LabManager® 1 2
Application and operation components HiTec Zang OS CG-ABK2M
Air valve (ETFE/Kalrez) - Yes
Materials Mainly borosilicate glass, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, seals in contact with media made of Kalrez, stainless steel material 1.4571 (changes are possible) Mainly borosilicate glass, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, seals in contact with media made of Kalrez, stainless steel material 1.4571 (changes are possible)
Inerting system for a reactor and dosing tanks (ETFE/Kalrez) with feedback to LabManager® - Yes


LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Type 1-litre reactor with DN150 double jacket, Duran glass 2-litre reactor with DN150 double jacket, Duran glass
Bottom outlet PTFE with an integrated Pt100 sensor PTFE with an integrated Pt100 sensor
Flat flange cap with an NS29 straight centre neck for a stirrer with an NS29 straight centre neck for a stirrer
Straight side necks 1xNS29 straight and 2 x NS29 angled 2 x NS29 straight 2 x NS29 angled
Washer silicone/FEP DN100 silicone/FEP
Flat flange connection Yes Yes


LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Speed speed max. 2.000 rpm 40...2.000 rpm
Torque max. 100 Ncm max. 110 Ncm
Torque measurement - Yes
RS-232 Interface optional Yes
Light, high-strength
stirrer coupling made of POM
Yes Yes
Mechanical stirrer seal made of
PTFE up to 500 rpm
Yes Yes
Propeller stirrer made of PTFE
coated stainless steel shaft
Yes Yes

Heating/Cooling System

LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Working temperature range
in the jacket
-25…+150 °C -40…+200 °C
Heating/Cooling thermostat Yes Yes, especially for the
temperature control of external
Heating power 1 kW 1,5 kW
Cooling power at 0 °C 0,21 kW 0,48 kW
Insulated heating hoses Yes Yes (Length 2m)
Wide-range heat transfer oil -40…+165 °C -90…+200 °C

Reflux Cooling and Distillation

LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Intensive reflux cooler made of
borosilicate glass
Yes Yes, with GL14-
connection for Pt100
Length 250 mm 250 mm
NS29/32 Yes Yes
Interlock valve for the
coolant water
Yes Yes
Cooling water monitoring system - Yes
Reflux separator with an automatically
operated solenoid valve
- Yes
Laboratory distillate balance - Yes
Distillate collecting tank - Yes


LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
LabManager® 1
with the following
LabManager® 2
with the following
Quantity Pt100
temperature measurement inputs
4 4
Quantity GraviDos®(DMS)-connections 4 4
Quantity RS-232-interfaces 2 4
Quantity digital outputs 4 8
Quantity digital inputs - 4
Quantity analogue inputs
- 4


LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Reactor interior temperature
(integrated in the bottom outlet valve)
Yes Yes
Thermostat temperature Yes Yes
Steam temperature - Yes
Reactor interior pressure - Yes
pH value - Yes

Dosing system

LabKit-alr1 LabKit-alr2
Quantity GraviDos® dosing system
for liquids
(controlled dropping funnel)
1 2
Quantity 500 ml receiver tank 1 2
Quantity dosing valve (ETFE/Kalrez)
gravimetrically controlled
1 2
Product Code Description
VL-LABKITALR1 LabKit-alr1 automatic laboratory process plant, 1 gravimetric dose loops, reflux cooling, stirrer, LabManager® 1, ABK
SL-LABVIPBATL LabVision® software package light version, for the running of small batch processes.
VL-LABKITALR2 LabKit-alr2 automatic laboratory process plant, 2 gravimetric dose loops, reflux distillation, distillation, inerting, stirrer torque measurement, LabManager® 2, ABK2
SL-LABVIPBATE LabVision® software package economy version, for batch operation.