New Features in LabVision® 2.15

What new features does the update of your LabVision® automation software suite bring with it?
Find out here! 

Read all about the current LabVision® 2.15 release here.


  • Many new laboratory devices (pumps, balances, thermostats etc.) as well as new categories (e.g. for vacuum controllers and magnetic stirrers) were added to the device module library.
    • IKA RCT Digital, IKA C-MAG HS 7 control,IKA HBR 4 control, Heidolph Hei-END, Heidolph HeiConnect
    • MFC Bronkhorst for Namur and Modbus
    • KNF SIMDOS 02, KNF SIMDOS 10, Syrdos Single Conti, Syrdos Tandem Dispens, Syrdos Single Dispens
    • Vaccubrand Select RS232 sowie Vacuubrand ModBus
    • Mettler ME Waage, Radwag
    • Lauda Eco
  • In contrast to earlier versions of LabVision, many of these devices can now be easily exchanged with other similar devices, without having to edit worksheets and/or HiText/HiBatch elements. The connection designations of these new exchangeable device modules have been standardized. Device components, which were created with earlier LabVision versions, can still be used from and are located in the category "External Devices (Legacy)".
  • A new panel element "Device component List" is now available in the Designer, which at runtime of the worksheet displays the view of the operating panel for a laboratory device component accordingly type Change can be switched.
  • Worksheets can now be marked as scalable in the Designer. When opening these worksheets, e.g. when displaying them in LabVision®-remote/ThinVision, they adapt to the respective screen sizes.

LabVision® libraries

  • The project module library and the library for the "Application-oriented data point definitions" have been adapted to the new device components and it's scalability.
  • The Designer-MicroBib library was adapted to the state of the SL-MODBIBMRT project module library, which was also updated. Both libraries have been adapted to current microreactor modules and assigned new symbols in cooperation with the Ehrfeld company. Older modules can now be found in the category "Archive"
  • Various elements in Designer-HitecLib like the SyrDos elements were revised or enhanced.
  • An extension for managing several user-defined project module libraries, as well as displaying and masking such libraries or certain elements is currently being developed by us and will be available in one of the following versions


  • HiText 2.15 has a new module BatchReport with associated batch report library (SL-Journal).
  • The BatchReport library is an extension for HiBatch and LabVision in standalone operation of HiTec Zang.
  • The BatchReport functions as an electronic laboratory journal. It records all important value changes and events which occur during a batch experiment (recipe) or manual experiment using the LabVision worksheet. Apart from that, manual entries are also possible. The aim is to obtain a complete documentation of the test procedure and all important data in compact and portable form. These data are displayed in graphical and tabular form and can be processed further in other programs as table or PDF. On request, we can customize the type and scope of the report for you.
  • Pictures can now be displayed in visual HiText tables and a field variable of the data type 'Picture' can be assigned to a table column. If images are loaded into this field variable from disk or created from masks, these images are displayed in the respective table cell. The image is scaled according to the available space.
  • There are new Functions and Procedures. (e.g. function PictureFromForm(Form,PageNo,Format): Picture, function PictureFromWorkSheet(Worksheet): Picture, Procedure Inc(X,I), Procedure Dec(X,I)
  • Performance when executing many control programs, data point/variable tables and the project load time is improved.

HiText™ libraries

  • The UniLib project module library was extended, improved and adapted to the new exchangeable device components
  • New Batchreport Library

LabVision®-remote and HiText™-remote

  • LabVision®-remote and HiText-remote has been further improved in version 2.15.
  • Critical messages from the application manager of the connected LabVision project are now also displayed in LabVision®-remote.
  • Multiple starts and multiple connections to the same LabVision system are now possible, which allows the use of virtualized terminal servers.
  • Frequently used connections can be stored as ShortCuts on the desktop.
  • In LabVision®-remote the control bars (e.g. for worksheets, multi-writers,...) can now be hidden or shown program-wide by a central mouse click or by pressing the F11 key.
  • It is now possible to quickly switch between LabVision®-remote and Hitext-remote using a standard button.
  • Improved, program-specific virtual screen keyboards are available for touch monitor or tablet operation.


  • ThinVision now uses the new program interface of LabVision®-remote, which is optimized for touch monitor or tablet operation

Operating Systems, Compatibility

LabVision 2.15 is fully compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.
In case of special country-specific Windows versions where 'media-related technologies' are not installed by default (e.g. N editions, KN editions for Switzerland and South Korea), the Windows Media Feature Pack has to be additionally installed. The LabVision system does not work any longer under Windows XP or Windows Vista.