ECB 2024 - Combining the world's two longest running biotechnology congresses

Visit us at booth 16 in the De Doelen Congress Center at ECB 2024.

ECB 2024 combines the two oldest biotechnology congresses in the world, ECB 2024 and IBS2024. The theme of the 2024 congress is "Biotechnology and its grand challenges: Health, Food Security and Global Warming". Addressing these challenges effectively requires close collaboration between industry, academia, research institutes and national governments. The scientific program will therefore highlight how cutting-edge research can be transformed into marketable applications.

We at HiTec Zang take this opportunity to present our expertise in the field of cell culture and fermentation systems.
Our engineers are looking forward to presenting our highlights at the booth:

  • our new RAMOS® for bioprocess optimization through parallel online monitoring of cultures in the shake flask
  • the Gmix™, the gas mixing station for precise gas mixing even for processes outside of biotechnology
  • the HiSense™ gas analysis system, which also provides biological parameters such as OCR, CTR and RQ